Aarav Bhatia shared a hilarious picture of his mom Twinkle Khanna,

 on their family group and says that she was possessed by a demon, 

 While Twinkle Khanna was exercising. Aarav captured a moment and shared the embarrassing picture on family group claiming that she was performing a demonic ritual after being possessed by a demon. 

Aarav shared her embarrassing picture on their family group saying the neighbor reported shocking news as Twinkle Khanna has allegedly been possessed by a demon.

 Take a look at her demonic ritual in the communal garden.

Twinkle Khanna shared the picture on Instagram and says who needs enemies when you have a son who puts this up on the family chat. 

By the way, I was doing a ‘bent-over reverse dumbbell fly’ a term I would not even know a year ago. #workingati

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