Who is the trending Girl on Pawri horai haai ?

Dananeer Mobeen is the girl behind this trendy video.

Dananeer Mobeen is a 19-year-old Pakistani student and social media influencer, 

image credit Instagram

she usually shares food and beauty-related content through YouTube and Instagram. 

She has over 46 thousand subscribers on YouTube and after this viral video she has over 6 lack Instagram follower,


When she returned from nathiya gali (somewhere in Pakistan) she made this video, 6 February she posted this video on Instagram,

 with the caption ‘when borgors visit the northern areas’ the video has 41 lakh views till now.

 The video has been shared so many times from 6th fab. 

She started merchandise on these viral video memes like #parri ho raha hai so the fan can buy this shirt.

This video speared through all over India also. 

Yashraj mukhate who is also a youtube creator he uploads many video songs on the latest viral memes,

 He created lots of viral video tracks like ‘bigini shoot’ or ‘tadda kutta tommy’ many more.

So he also create a video track on this viral video meme, and this video also goes viral and trending on YouTube, 

Following this trend UP Police posted an image with #pawri horhi hey says if late night party disturbing you then call 112 this is the late night party helpline number.