The summer is coming and we are already worried about upcoming months.

But one of the Twitter users, it’s going to be all cool, All thanks to Hrithik Roshan.

The bang-bang actor turned actual cool - or just rescuer when he helped a fan get a free AC servicing subscription for a year.

And while Hrithik was it, he made her day also,

What happened on tweeter? 

A passionate Hrithik Roshan fan on Twitter hilariously tweeted mentioning all the brands the actor endorses, talking about the hot summers.

 She wrote, "Garmi aa Rahi hai, Beardo accessories se beard set karke Arrow ki shirt aur Paragon ki chappal pehno, Mountain Dew piyo, Zebronics ke headphones lagao, aur HRX workout karo.

 Make sure you install Plasto tank in your home so that you get nice water and learn coding on Whitehat Jr (sic)." A service company quickly replied to her tweet saying, "Itna kar rahe ho toh AC service bhi kara hi lo #SummerEssentials (sic)."

Things didn't end there. The fan drops a comment on Hrithik Roshan's birthday wishes for Tiger Shroff, and wrote, "@iHrithik hope you have serviced your AC too, coz you're too hot." She again tweeted, "Can you help me get a free AC service??" and added, "@iHrithik hope you have serviced your AC too, coz you're too hot (sic)."


And that's when Hrithik Roshan had come into action.


Hrithik Roshan responded to her tweet and wrote, "At your service Ma'am!"

Of course, the fan was over the moon at receiving a reply from Hrithik himself. She replied, "Oh god whatttt even (sic)."

Right after that, the servicing company offered her a free AC servicing subscription for a year. Yes, it is super cool

Now, we all know that Hrithik Roshan is extremely active on social media. When not indulging fans in social media banter, 

he is dropping comments on friends' posts on Instagram. Just like he did on Kriti Sanon's post recently. 

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 Kriti shared a stylish photograph of herself on a bike and Hrithik quickly wrote "Very cool" on her post.

Yes, cool it is. Much like the fan who got her hands on a fabulous deal!


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