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Best Motivational Quotes for Kids

Mood fixing for the kids is a really challenging job. You may have to struggle a lot to uplift them. This may happen because your kids might not like to pay attention to your words. At this point, motivational thoughts can serve your purpose at their best. Quotes or such inspiring sayings work magically on the thought process of your kids. A perfect thought for the day is capable of transforming the mood of a kid from negative to positive. Small but stimulating quotes imbibe confidence within the psyche of your child, and they instantly become stress-free. So, I have penned down some of the best thoughts of the day for kids on various topics for your kid to help you with your agenda. Education Education is a process that starts from a very tender age. Every child should receive proper tuition as they are the future rulers of the world. Teaching doesn’t only include books, copies, and syllabus, it is far more than this. So, groom your kid in the best possible way to make them properly e

Robert Downey Jr Net Worth As On 2021

 Who is Robert Downey Jr.?

Robert Downey Jr. is a well-known name as American actor, producer, and singer.

He has a total of $223 Million that equals ₹1650 Crore in Indian Rupees. His monthly income is more than $2.5 Million.

Robert Downey Jr Net Worth As 2021

Robert Downey Net worth in Indian Rupees:

₹1650 Crore in Indian Rupees

This turns out to be more than $30 Million on yearly basis. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss Mr. Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. who is considered as the Master of Superhero.

He has shown his finest acting skills in action films as well as in other films. 

He is a great businessman too.

We are also going to enter into his personal life to know how his lifestyle goes like. 

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth

Robert Downey Jr. is an American film actor as well as producer. Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth is $223 Million as of 2021. 

This amount is approximately 1650 Crore Indian currency.

The Net Worth of Robert Downey Jr. has increased about 95% over the past few years.

Apart from the acting Robert Downey Jr. is also associated with donations in the charity. 

A large amount of his income he uses for donations to various charity programs. 

Robert Downey Jr. has earned huge respect from the Hollywood industry.

Robert Downey Jr.'s annual income is more than 30 Million US dollars.

His personal investments are almost 130 Million US dollars. Robert Doney Jr. has luxury- cars of 4 Million US dollars.

robert downey net worth

Source of Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most popular actors in the Film Industry.

Besides acting he is known as a Film producer also. 

He has several businesses across the world too.

So, we can hope that day by day Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth is going to hike up.  

He has a huge fan following from all over the world.

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About Robert Downey Jr. early life

As a child, Robert Downey Jr. was influenced by drug consumption. He used to take Marijuana at the age of just 6 years.

His father regrets those days of him. Robert Downey Jr. made his first acting debut at the age of 5 years where played a sick puppy in “Absurdist Comedy Pound” in 1970. 

At the age of 7, he appeared in the “Greaser’s Palace” in the year 1972. After that, He used to live in England where he learned classical ballet. 

Robert Downey Jr. was born on 4th April in 1965.

Robert Downey sr. was his father is a famous writer, actor, and director also. 

His mother is Elsie Ann Downey who was an actress.

Robert has a sister also named Allyson. Downey's family used to live in Greenwich Village.

His parents divorced in 1987. His father was a drug addict. Downey Sr. allowed his son to take marijuana when he was only 6. 

After his parents’ divorce, his father and he moved to California. Downey was high school dropped out.

He dropped out his high school in 1982 and focused on his acting career.

Robert Downey Instagram

At first, he used to participate in the theatres. 

He was hired for the “Saturday Night Live” in mid-1980. But 1985-86 season of “Saturday Night Fall” got very poor ratings and as a result, all the new cast members were fired.

In the year 1985, Robert Downey Jr. was seen in John Hughes’ “Weird Science” where he played the role of a high school bully.

He was again seen in “Less Than Zero´ where he played Julian Wells, a drug-addicted rich kid. 

After that, he has seen his skills as a star in the films like “Chances Are”(1989), “Air America”(1990), “Soapdish”(1992), etc. 

In the year 1992, he played the role of Charlie Chaplin in the film “Chaplin” for which he was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his outstanding acting. 

Robert Downey Jr. has married the actress cum singer Deborah Falconer dated 29th May in the year of 1992? They have given birth to their son, Indio Falconer Downey in September 1993.

But Falconer left Mr. Downey Jr. with their son and divorced within 2004.

In 2005 he married Susan Levin, a film executive whom he met in 2003.

Downey proposed to Levin on her 30th birthday night. 

They have a son Exton who was born in 2012 and their daughter Avri was born in 2014. 

Downey has given all the credits to his wife for helping him out of his drug addictions.    

Drug issues

Robert Downey Jr. was arrested several times for his drug issues which went out of his control from 1996 to 2001.

He was charged with consuming cocaine, heroin, marijuana. He was sent to various drug rehabs but relapsed every time. 

He has also missed one of the drug tests hic was ordered by the court. 

For this mistake, he was sent to the L.A. country jail for the duration of 6 months.

After 2 years he has missed another drug test. 

As a result, he was arrested again.

But this time he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.

With a bail of $5000, he became eligible for early release.

After that, he joined the cast of “ Ally McBeal”. 

He was awarded a golden globe for playing the Best Supporting Actor in a television film.

He was again arrested in 2000 for consuming cocaine and valium over the Thanks Giving weekend. 

After these also he was again arrested several times for several reasons.

Career Comeback

It was a tough journey for him to come back from his drug addictions.

Mel Gibson had been Downey’s friend since “Air America” made the second half of Downey’s career possible. 

He paid his insurance bond personally for “The Singing Detective”. 

After that, the filmmakers once again became interested to sign him for their films.

Unforgettable Scene I am Iron Man

He was cast as “Tony Stark” in 2007 in “Iron Man” and was given a lifetime role. 

He was very praised and his fans love him boundlessly for this role. 

He has done a sequel of “Iron Man” in 2010 and in 2013 as well as 2008s “The Incredible Hulk.” 

He was also seen in 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War”, 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War”, 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame”, and lastly 2020’s “ Black Widow”. 

He was also screened in the comedy, “Tropic Thunder”. 

For this, he got nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor. 

Downey was seen in one more famous character “Sherlock Holmes” in 2009 and then in 2011, and he is going to be seen in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel in 2021 December.

5 Interesting Facts about Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. belongs to a movie family.

He was the son of a famous filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. and his mother was also an actress named Elsie Ann Downey.

Robert Downey Jr. is not allowed in some countries

As he has poor criminal records he is not allowed to enter in few countries. 

Robert Downey Jr. has started acting at a very young age

He made his first film when he was only 5 years old in one of his father’s movies named “Pound”.

Robert Downey Jr. was introduced to drugs by his father

As per the reports his father was the person who allowed him to enter the world of drugs for which his father repents now.

Robert Downey Jr. dropped high school

He was a high school dropped out. When he was 17 he dropped out of his high school named Santa Monica School, California.  


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