Dr. Rakhi Sawant seen wearing ppe kit | Drama Queen delivers a "pawri" moment to her fans

While the Corona pandemic is providing serious threats all over India, Internet sensation Rakhi Sawant just reminds us of those beautiful words "Whether you love her or hate her, you just can't ignore her!"

Recently in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the Big Boss 14 contestant dressed top to bottom in a PPE kit, 

interacted with her fans, and told them to maintain social distancing.

Youtube Video

She advised spectators to wear a mask and to wear PPE kits while meeting several people though her face was not even covered by a mask while talking. 

But according to Pundits, she is promoting Salman Khan's RADHE because she was encouraging people to watch this film who is standing in front of her. 

As we are now into the phase of new normal activities, 

it is quite obvious that people nowadays are not even handshake to each other. Instead of that, 

the fist pump, and Rakhi exactly did so to labor. 

She was in search of a coffee shop as Mumbai is facing lockdown for the second time in two years.

After making her way into BB 14, Rakhi Sawant had been away from the limelight and so curiosity increases automatically among Paparazzi. 

Her fans have been dropping sweetest compliments after the video have been going viral.
As they are thinking this is a social message from Rakhi as only wearing the mask is not the ultimate solution that prevents the spreading of Corona but the PPE kit also by keeping the whole body protected. 
Rakhi Sawant, who has always been a controversial character whether her marriage issue to "ban-ceiling-fans-to-reduce-suicide-cases" statement,
 this social a message will change people's mindset around her. 
Her "jo chizein God nehi deta, wo doctor dete hain" statement in Koffee With Karan regarding Cosmetic Surgery.
sounds to be good here as politicians having fun in West Bengal who are supposed to take Corona seriously,
people like Rakhi Sawant, Sonu Sood comes forward and urging people to wear masks and maintain safety.