“Hindustani Bhau” got arrested today by Mumbai Police

Hindustani Bhau was a contestant of Big Boss 13. 

Hindustani bhau arrested in Mumbai

He is often found in meme posts and videos. 

Vikas Fhatak commonly known as “Hindustani Bhau” is arrested by Shivaji Park Police. 

He is charged to violate the Covid 19 induced restrictions meant for Mumbai

An FIR has been registered against Vikas Fhatak under IPC sections 188 and 269 by the police. 

He is also charged with Disaster Management Act 51(B) and also violated section 11 of Maharashtra Covid 19 Regulations, 2020.

Hindustani bhau arrested

Why Hindustani Bhau got is arrested?

This Friday, Hindustani Bhau posted on his Twitter account about his upcoming activity.

 He told that he will arrange a protest by himself at Shivaji Park on Saturday. 

He will do this with the demand of canceling all the exams for the students. 

He was so ambitious to fulfill this protest that he ensured that no police can stop or trace him. 

He arranged an ambulance to reach Shivaji Park to be untraceable from the police. 

As he planned he is not stopped at any checkpoint by the police. 

After being aware of the fact how Bhau reached the Shivaji Park and what is his intentions, 

a local team of police reached the spot and detained Bhau at around 12.30 pm.

 Bhau was already surrounded by some media persons who already reached the spot even before the police. 

He demanded to cancel all the exams in Maharashtra for this year. 

He has misused the emergency medical facility to complete a nasty reason termed as the so-called protest in this crisis.

What is IPC Section 188, 269?

IPC Section 188 is imposed against those persons who disobey the order duly promulgated by public servants.

IPC Section 269 is imposed against those people 

who unlawfully or negligibly execute any kind of activity that is believed to spread the infections of any dangerous disease.

What is Disaster Management Act 51(B)?

Disaster Management Act 51(B) is imposed on those who refuse to comply with the government's directions to manage the disaster.    

Hindustani bhau news today

What is section 11 of Maharashtra Covid 19 Regulations Act, 2020?

Maharashtra Covid 19 Regulations Act, 2020 section 11 is imposed on the people who violate any related provision of the regulations.

No one is beyond law in India. He has used an ambulance that is among the most needy things amid this pandemic situation. 

Police has done their job.